24 Hour Heating Repair in Plainsboro Township

A furnace failure during winter is not only a miserable experience; it can adversely affect the health of some family members. Here in Plainsboro Township, residents rely on Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling for 24 hour furnace repair.

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Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling is the area’s leading HVAC company. We service and repair all makes and models, and our skilled technicians are available 24/7 if you have a heating emergency. Whether you need furnace repair or replacement, contact us at 609-928-8229 to schedule an appointment.

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Reasons You May Need 24 Hour Heating Repair Service

Not every heating problem requires a call to an HVAC contractor for emergency help, but sometimes, conditions are so bad that you can’t wait for help. Here are some instances where you should call for immediate assistance:

  • No warm air.
  • The furnace makes a loud noise.
  • You experience electrical problems when the furnace runs.
  • You smell foul odors coming from the furnace.
  • You have a gas leak.
  • Your furnace can’t maintain the desired temperature.
  • The airflow coming out of the furnace is weak.

Regardless of the problem, Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling is there to help no matter the time of day!

Furnace Replacement

Sometimes repairing the furnace doesn’t fix the problem, and a new furnace is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way to go. However, we understand that not everyone relishes the idea of spending the money to install a new system, which is why we’ll be honest about the best course of action, and whether a replacement is genuinely warranted.

If you do need a replacement, the process can be overwhelming, but our experts are there to guide you to ensure you get the most efficient system for your house and one that fits your budget. If you’re in Plainsboro Township, NJ, call Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling for a consultation.

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How to Maintain Your Furnace?

The best way to ensure your furnace remains efficient and lasts as long as possible is to conduct regular maintenance. Here are a few easy and inexpensive tips to keep your furnace in top order.

  • Clean or change the filter every month.
  • Clean the blower.
  • Make sure all vents and registers are unblocked.
  • Clean your ducts
  • Schedule an appointment with an HVAC contractor for furnace maintenance service once a year.

Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling is your ‘go-to’ contractor in Plainsboro Township, NJ, for all of your furnace needs. Contact us today at 609-928-8229!