January and February tend to be the coldest months of the year for New Jersey residents on average. Although the coldest months are behind us, it’s still important to maintain heating systems for max efficiency.

If your New Jersey home has a heat pump, you should be scheduling regular maintenance and servicing from a certified HVAC professional.

What are the benefits of regular heat pump maintenance? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Increased Lifespan

    Regular heat pump maintenance and servicing can increase the lifespan of your unit.

    As it continuously works during the cold months, wear and tear are going to occur. Although wear and tear on a heat pump are normal, they can cause bigger problems down the line.

    During servicing, a professional can monitor and fix any issues with your unit. This prevents expensive repairs and early replacement.

  2. Improved Efficiency

    Without heat pump servicing, your unit might end up in bad shape and become less efficient and more costly. This can cause your equipment to exert more effort to meet your comfort requirements.

    By maintaining your heat pump, you’ll be able to solve this problem. Routine maintenance equates to highly efficient performance and can help keep your utility bills down.

  3. Maintained Warranty

    Some advice about heat pumps that homeowners aren’t aware of is that if you have a warranty through your unit manufacturer, the fine print might read that qualified HVAC pros have to service your unit.

    When your unit needs servicing, hiring HVAC experts will keep your warranty valid. Plus, you’ll ensure that any problem gets fixed right.

  4. Lowered Risk

    One of the best heat pump operating tips is to schedule regular maintenance to lower the risk of system breakdown. A surprise breakdown that occurs during winter is the last thing you’ll want for your heat pump.

    Regular maintenance to reduce the risk of an emergency includes the following services:

    • Inspection
    • Repair
    • Adjustment of vital components
    • Parts replacement

    These steps can keep your safety panels, blower motors, and electrical connections working smoothly. All potential problems are prevented with an inspection and repair.

  5. Enhanced Comfort

    The performance of your heat pump affects your comfort, but you might not be aware of the effect it has on your health. Without regular maintenance, your and your family’s safety is at high risk.

    A bad unit with cracks can emit poisonous gas and fire hazards occur from a short circuit. All problems can be addressed before causing an emergency through heat pump maintenance.

    You’ll benefit from a safer and more comfortable environment to live in.

Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance Today

In the winter, you’ll want your heat pump to be working at its highest efficiency. The only way to ensure this happens is through regular maintenance.

With maintenance, you’ll benefit from a longer lifespan, improved efficiency, a maintained warranty, lowered risk, and enhanced comfort.

If you don’t remember the last time you had your unit serviced, you are probably overdue for heat pump maintenance. Schedule regular maintenance from the experts at Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling.

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