Of all the energy you use in your home, approximately 51% goes toward your heating and cooling costs. That’s because you rely on your air conditioner and the furnace for your heating and cooling needs throughout the year. So, it would help if you considered preparing your furnace before winter hits. Preparing it is one of the best ways to ensure that it’s working properly and efficiently. But how do you prepare your furnace for winter? Check out this homeowner guide to learn the top ways homeowners prepare their heating systems before winter strikes.

Change the Filter

One of the simplest yet most important tasks is to change your furnace filter. Of course, you should do this multiple times a year, but you should always do it before winter.

This filter removes impurities in your air before the system heats or cools the air. Unfortunately, the filter gets dirty as it does its job, and it can’t filter the air if it’s too dirty.

Therefore, you can prepare your furnace by replacing this filter if it’s dirty.

Test the System

You can avoid problems with your system by testing it before you need it. After all, you’ll expect it to work when it gets cold outside. You can find out if it works by turning it on.

If it doesn’t work, you’ll have time to get the necessary repairs before you need it. Testing it is simple. It requires turning your thermostat to “heat” and turning the temperature up.

You’ll know it’s working if the furnace kicks on and produces heat after turning it on.

Clear the Vents

Fall is also a good time for homeowners to ensure that their vents are open and clear. So, you can check each vent in every room to ensure that they’re all open and that nothing is blocking them.

You can open the closed vents and move the items out of the way if they’re blocking the vents. Blocked or closed vents prohibit the hot air from heating your home.

Get a Heating Tune-Up

As a homeowner, you can also hire a furnace repair company for a heating tune-up. You’ll find that getting a heating tune-up is a common recommendation in every furnace guide you read.

A heating tune-up ensures that a furnace works properly and efficiently, and most HVAC companies recommend getting annual tune-ups. The best time to get one is in the fall before the weather gets too cold.

When a technician performs a heating tune-up, they’ll check every component, clean the system, and test it.

Learn More About Furnace Maintenance in a Homeowner’s Guide

Reading a homeowner’s guide is an excellent way to learn how to maintain your home’s furnace system properly. You’ll also discover that the right maintenance leads to lower energy bills and fewer breakdowns.

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