According to the US Energy Information Administration, 88% of homes in the United States have air conditioning units. With so many people using air conditioning, it’s clear how crucial the feature is in homes. But what are some common errors in AC installations to look out for?

If you’re a New Jersey homeowner installing AC units, we’re here to help. Here are six frequent mistakes to avoid.

1. Poor Ductwork Sealing

Possibly the most common mistake is improperly sealing the ductwork. The ductwork of an air conditioning unit delivers air to and from the vents and AC unit.

Leaky ductwork will make the air unit less efficient. As the cool air leaks out, your AC will have to work harder to deliver air. Vents will also push out less cold air.

2. Incorrectly Sized AC Unit

Another common mistake is an incorrectly-sized AC unit. If an AC unit isn’t the right size, it may fail to efficiently cool a room. As a result, the unit works harder and can damage itself.

If the unit is too large, the cycle will be shorter than necessary. While this sounds like a bonus, it will strain the unit.

These issues are more common for in-window or individual AC units. Make sure you’re measuring the area to get an AC unit of the proper size.

3. Improper Drainage

As the air conditioning unit works, water will condense. The water needs to drain properly to avoid a mess.

With improper drainage, this water can pool in the unit. As a result, it may short-circuit or fail.

The water could also end up on the floor of your new property. This can cause water damage, ruin flooring, or soak drywall.

4. Excess Refrigerant

An excess of refrigerant is another common problem with installing a unit. There’s a sweet spot you’ll want to aim for!

If you don’t install enough refrigerant, the unit may not cool properly. However, too much refrigerant will damage the system. The resulting malfunction can cause you to replace the system.

5. Placing the Thermostat Incorrectly

Incorrectly placing the thermostat will damage your system’s efficiency. With the thermostat placed incorrectly, your unit will need to work harder.

Try to place the thermostat out of direct sun exposure. Proper placement will help your system run more effectively and save money.

6. Poor Placing of the Condenser

Finally, placing the condenser incorrectly can cause your system to strain itself. The system’s strain will increase your electricity bill. Strain will also damage the system.

Placing the condenser properly makes your system more efficient and will last longer. Keep these traits in mind while installing your system.

Common Errors in AC Installations

Avoiding errors in AC installations can stop you from replacing AC units too early. Proper installation and regular AC maintenance will make your systems more efficient and keep them from damaging themselves.

For more information on AC installation costs and how to keep your systems running, be sure to contact us to learn more. Conway Comfort is your one-stop-shop for all AC repairs in East Windsor, NJ.

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