Did you know that 91% percent of US households have an HVAC unit?

If you live in New Jersey, you already know how important a functional air conditioning unit is. And as the summer peaks, you want yours to be in tip-top condition.

There’s nothing worse than your AC letting you down in the summertime. Instead of searching ‘air conditioning repair near me’ during a crisis, read this guide and act now to ensure a temperate home environment in the coming months.

Read on to learn the top 4 signs you need AC repair.

1. Unresponsive AC

Does your AC feel laggy and unresponsive? Assuming you’ve already changed the batteries in the remote, it could be time to look for a reliable AC repair service.

When AC units stop responding, it can be an indicator of underlying issues. For example, you may have an electrical fault, a pilot failure, or a blocked duct. These physical issues can cause a poor response on the user’s end.

Our comfort heating and cooling experts can diagnose the problem in minutes, ensuring you have a reliable AC system when you need it most.

2. Higher Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed higher energy bills, a faulty AC unit could be the culprit. When your AC unit starts to struggle, it needs more energy to run effectively. While you might still get the cold air you need, your system is working overtime to provide it.

An unexplained spike in energy bills can often be explained with a callout from a Conway Comfort technician. They’ll tell you whether your HVAC is costing you extra money and diagnose any other issues while they work.

3. Damp Smell

Damp smells in the home are often caused by tired or faulty AC units. If you’ve noticed a damp, swampy, or fungal smell – especially when the AC is turned up – you may have a mold problem.

A blocked filter allows black mold and other nasties to grow in your AC ducting. This is not only unpleasant but also a health hazard.

Damp smell in the home? It could be time to call in a Conway HVAC specialist to assess your machine. Whether you need a repair, refurbishment, or full replacement, we’ll get your system running clean.

4. Unusual Noises

If bumps in the night have been keeping you up, look to your AC unit. Scraping, knocking, and whining noises indicate mechanical problems.

While it could be a simple ducting or filter issue, it’s a good idea to call the experts if you hear unusual noises coming from your AC. That way, you can be sure it’s not a serious issue.

Call Conway: Air Conditioning Repair Near Me

If you’ve noticed any of the above-mentioned signs, be proactive. What starts as a negligible issue can turn into a nightmare during the busy summer months.

Stop searching “air conditioning repair near me” and check for these common indicators today. For a full diagnosis and repair, contact us at Conway Comfort. We are on hand to provide HVAC solutions in the West Windsor area and beyond.

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