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Don't be left out in the cold when your furnace breaks down. Call the heating experts at Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling when you need 24-hour furnace repair!

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There are few worse things than having a furnace fail during winter. It makes your family uncomfortable, and freezing temperatures can be hazardous to young children and older family members. If you experience furnace issues during winter, don't delay and call Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling. Our qualified expert technicians are available 24/7 to fix your furnace or heater to restore your family's comfort and safety.

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When to Call for Heating Repair?

During the cold winter months, having a working heater is vital to your family's comfort and health. Your furnace is a complex machine, which requires many components to work together to do the job you expect. When the system begins to fail, you will likely see warning signs telling you to call for repair soon. Here are a few key symptoms to watch for.

  • Irregular Air: When your furnace works as intended, it blows a steady, continuous stream of warm air until your home reaches the desired temperature. However, when the heater is failing, the blower cuts out before reaching that temperature, and it's a sign you need a furnace repair expert before the whole system fails.
  • Strange Sounds: If you hear knocking, grinding, squealing, or popping, it points to a furnace in trouble. Listen carefully when your furnace runs for any unusual sounds.
  • Strange Odors: Odd odors coming out of the heating registers could signal a system on the brink of failure.

If you notice any of the above signs or any other unusual heater function, call the expert repair team at Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling.

Do You Need Heating Replacement? These Signs Say Yes!

Here in South Brunswick, NJ, nights can get plenty cold in fall and winter, which means residents rely on their heaters more to keep them comfortable. It's a good idea to test your furnace in late summer or early fall to ensure it's ready to go for the long cold nights ahead.

Signs to watch for that may spell trouble down the road are the age of the furnace and the frequency of repairs. The average furnace lasts 15-20 years, and after that, it's at the end of its useful life and should be replaced. Also, if you're continuously throwing money at a furnace to keep it going for one more season, you should consider investing in a new, more reliable unit.

Call our experienced techs for an assessment of the health of your furnace and to see what a new installation can do for you.

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How to Maintain Your Furnace?

The key to a healthy, reliable furnace that lasts as long as possible is routine maintenance. Here are a few tips to make sure your furnace runs at peak performance.

  • Change or clean the filters at least once a month.
  • Check the blower and clean it if it's dirty.
  • For gas furnaces, check the flame and make sure it's blue instead of yellow.
  • Check the unit for cracks or other damage.
  • Make sure your ducts are clean.
  • Keep vents and registers free from blockages.
  • Call a heating repair company for annual maintenance and tune up.

Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling is equipped to handle all furnace repairs and maintenance. Call us for an appointment in the South Brunswick area at 609-928-8229!