A New Smart Thermostat is the Best Gift for Homeowners

Gift-giving is difficult! As the holidays roll around, homeowners wonder what the new addition to their home should be. The answer is simple, a thermostat replacement. Thermostats don’t last a long time. After a while, they stop working as well as they used to. This is not good!

Homeowners should not be stuck with an old thermostat that simply sucks energy instead of using it effectively. One solution to this problem can be to buy a new smart Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat.

What are the signs that it is Time to Replace an Old Thermostat?

Thermostats need frequent replacement. Many homeowners don’t know this, but thermostats need maintenance just like any other part of an AC system. If they do not receive preventative care, they can start to break down.
Anything can affect a thermostat, including old ones. Older models have large openings, which is the perfect space for dust, bugs, and dirt in the air to hide. This can cause homeowners health issues like allergies and congestion as the spot is rarely noticed.

The most common signs that it is time to replace an old thermostat are:

  • The ink on the buttons is faded
  • The thermostat is not cooling or heating the home
  • The screen is blurry or covered in lines
  • The buttons are not pressing
  • It won’t turn on even with replacement batteries

What are the Benefits of Replacing Old Thermostats with Smart Thermostats?

Thankfully, as soon as homeowners replace their old thermostats with a new and improved smart home thermostat, they will likely see the changes right away! Smart thermostats are incredibly popular because they can save homeowners money by being energy efficient.

Older models of thermostats use more energy to turn on and off the system to cool or warm a home. However, since smart thermostats are programmable, they only take a bit of energy to work as they detect when a home’s temperature is either rising or increasing.

Saving money is not the only benefit though, it is also a very flexible device! Smart thermostats can connect with compatible smart devices like phones or an Echo. This means that homeowners can easily change the temperature in their homes, and they don’t have to touch the screen!

Top 3 Options for Smart Thermostats

The current three best-selling smart thermostats on the market are the Amazon Smart Thermostat, Google Nest Learning Thermostat, and the Emerson Touchscreen Thermostat.

  • The Amazon Smart Thermostat is the most affordable option and the easiest to install. Homeowners can’t use voice control, but the device does connect with compatible smart technology.
  • The Google Nest Learning Thermostat is programmable. Users can program it through a phone in their apps connected with Bluetooth or WiFi. The device, over time, learns the user’s behaviors and interests and controls the system alone.
  • The Emerson Touchscreen Thermostat is another bestseller, for a good reason! This device is adaptable and compatible with many other smart devices. The thermostat is a touch screen and comes in colors.

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