Each year, over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies. In the United States, allergies are the sixth leading cause for Americans to experience chronic illness. This has an annual cost of over $18 billion because of it.

In numerous parts of the United States, spring allergies arise in February. They can last until early summer.

Even if you are not an allergy sufferer, your health can be at risk in spring from poor indoor air quality. Improving your home’s air should be critical to your spring cleaning routine.

Keep reading to discover why it can be a grave concern and what you can do about it.

Spring Home Indoor Air Quality

With the changing seasons comes changes to the air you breathe. Spring brings warmer temperatures and blooming flowers. Of course, with the greenery returning to life, there is a dusting of pollen.

Temperature and humidity levels increase in March, April, and May. As plants and trees sprout, there can be a decline in indoor air quality. Allergens, including mold, dust, and pollen, creep in.

You do not need to suffer, though. Instead, take a few proactive measures to make your air quality better.

Replace Your Air Filters

You will experience a noticeable difference by replacing your HVAC air filters regularly. Even the EPA recommends this. According to the EPA, it prevents dust from building up.

The EPA also suggests that people spend approximately 90% of their day indoors. Often, this time can be most in your home. Therefore, your home could be a hot spot for you regarding exposure to airborne pollutants if you do not take measures to prevent it.

Removing or reducing sources for pollutants to enter is the most effective method of improving indoor air quality. Changing your air filters will lower harmful contaminants, including mold, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, pollen, and more.

Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance

Spring is a perfect time to contact a professional to come to perform preventative maintenance. Before the temperatures get sizzling hot in the summer, knowing everything with your HVAC unit is working in good order will give you peace of mind. Not only that, but it will keep you cool when you need it to.

If you are plagued with allergies or asthma and think your filters cannot handle enough of the workload, ask an HVAC professional about a whole-home air purifying system as a potential solution. This is a brilliant option to help you breathe better.

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