3 Reasons a Dehumidifier Is Essential for the Summer Months

The rains and mild spring temperatures give way to heat and humidity so quickly that some homeowners find themselves wondering what’s wrong with their air conditioners. They find the home sticky from summer humidity and decide that it’s just something they need to put up with. Fortunately, this isn’t so! For those homeowners looking for a way out of the sticky, mold-producing mess that is summer humidity, the dehumidifier is key.

Eliminates Musty Smells and the Dampness that Causes Them

One of the worst things about humidity in the home is the musty smells that always pop up. They can be embarrassing, to say the least, and downright gross at their worst. Those musty smells can come from the walls, the floors, and even the closest. This is because moisture finds its way into everything when there’s no way to control the humidity in the home.

Luckily, removing the humidity from a home isn’t all that hard. It just takes the right equipment. Air conditioners do some of the work, but a dedicated unit for removing moisture from the home does a much better job. A dehumidifier can help keep these moisture levels under control. And without moisture, there are no more musty smells to deal with. The home will start smelling like a home again with the right dehumidifier.

Keeps Mold at Bay

Another reason to invest in a dehumidifier for the summer months (and beyond) is mold. Moisture and mold go together like a foot and a shoe. But it’s more than just an aesthetic problem. Sure, no one likes to see gross mold growing in their house. But that’s nothing compared to the health problems that mold can cause.

Some people are deathly allergic to mold and can end up in the hospital – especially if there’s black mold growing in the house due to high moisture content. But even those without severe mold allergies can develop respiratory problems that are uncomfortably unhealthy. Less moisture means less mold means fewer asthma problems and less coughing.

Protects Hardwood Floors from Moisture Damage

Lastly, having a dehumidifier can help prevent damage to the home. Moisture can cause paint to bubble and curl. It can cause cracks to form in the walls and ceilings. And it can severely damage hardwood floors. Even though hardwood floors are coated to make them last longer and be more resilient, they’re not waterproof. Wood is still wood, and it can soak up moisture in the home.

So, avoiding thousands of dollars of damage to the home is a matter of contacting a professional HVAC company to see about installing a dehumidifier. Getting the right size, capacity, and features is essential for getting a dehumidifier to protect the home and the family within it.

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