Like most of New Jersey, Hamilton Township experiences a four-season year with drastic changes in air quality and moisture through each season. During the harsh and cold winters, dry air conditions are not just found outdoors, but they can impact the interior of a home as well.

Thankfully, you do not have dread each winter as you try to maintain your home’s indoor air quailty. HVAC professionals can help combat dry air and provide your home with whole-home humidifiers.

The Health Impacts of Dry Air

Dry air can have several health impacts if left untreated. At night, breathing in excess dry air can dry your throat and nose out, resulting in possible congestion. Breathing in dry air during the day can impact sinuses, especially if you are prone to allergies. In some cases, excess dry air in the nasal passages could result in nose bleeds.

Dry air also has several impacts on the skin. Your skin could feel dry and itchy. The skin may flake off more when exposed to dry air. You may find yourself in need of products like moisturizers. If you have a condition like eczema, then the symptoms can worsen. You may notice more patches of dry skin, red patches, or itchy areas. Dry air can also impact your hair and lead to dry hair that feels like straw and may fall out more.

Dry air can impact your eyes as well. The eyes have a layer of tear film that protects the cornea and ensures that the eyes stay moisturized. Exposure to excess dry air can cause your eyes to dry out. You may notice your eyes feel more strained or itchy. While eye drops can help, a change in the air quality will make a big difference and allow your eyes to naturally heal.

The health impacts could change your sleep quality as well. The stress levels in your body will naturally increase because of the different ailments that dry air creates. A lack of proper sleep could impact your everyday mood and job performance as well.

All of these issues could build up through the winter months if you do not try a new solution like the installation of a whole-home humidifier. As you introduce humid air into your home, you will gradually notice these ailments fade and your conditions improve. Even something as simple as a good night’s sleep can make a positive impact on your overall health.

Whole-home Humidifier Installation Process

With forced air furnace systems, a whole-home humidifier installation is a relatively easy process for HVAC technicians, and the whole installation is typically done during a single visit. The humidifier will not need separate vents to reach different areas of a home. When installed with the forced air system, the humidifier works with those same vents so that the moisture is delivered to every room of the home.

After selecting an installation location, a technician will cut a hole into an area and connect the humidifier output hoses or ducts. The humidifier will have multiple connection points to the home. One includes a water source that provides constant water needed to create the humid air. With the water source, you do not need to worry about supplying the water that will allow the humidifier to run on its own. Filters built into the humidifier system will help remove any minerals or debris in the water to ensure the air is as clean as possible.

Along with the water source, a technician will find an ideal connection point to the current duct system. The connection may include a direct duct to the heated airflow or a bypass duct that introduces the humidified air after the heated air goes by. Both processes will give you the same result. The choice will essentially be made based on the installation of the humidifier.

A direct electrical connection provides the final connection point for the humidifier. A direct connection provides ease of use, and an HVAC technician will determine which fuse to connect the system to. The wires and connections will often sit behind a wall so that you don’t see any of the extra elements and the installation looks clean. Technicians will cover up any cut spaces after the installation.

One of the final steps of the installation process includes the mounting of a humidistat. This is the control box for your home’s humidifier and is about the same size as a traditional thermostat. You will have multiple settings to choose from, including the humidity levels. Many of them include an automatic setting that will use sensors to determine the best humidity comfort levels within the home.

Stress-free Use of Whole-home Humidifiers

A whole-home humidifier includes automatic settings, and the built-in connections to vents and water remove a lot of hassles commonly found with portable humidifiers.

A whole-home humidifier can run all day to ensure that dry air does not impact your home. A portable humidifier will only run until the water runs out. The limited water tank creates inconsistent air quality.

Portable humidifiers will not reach every room in the home unless you purchased individual machines for each room. With a whole-home system, the current vent layout will provide consistent air quality.

Year-Round Air Quality Improvements

While a whole-home humidifier will mostly work during the winter, you can find benefits all year round. An area like Hamilton Township could experience cold fronts that bring blasts of dry air during any season. The automatic humidifier settings will adjust the air as needed, and some of the more advanced humidistats can connect to smart devices for easy adjustments through your phone. So if you have the system installed in a basement, you do not need to constantly go down there just to make adjustments.

The summer is also an ideal time for an annual maintenance appointment for your whole-home system. Technicians can inspect your system, replace air filters, and ensure that everything operates smoothly. With an annual appointment, HVAC technicians will help ensure that your air quality remains high. You will not have to worry about malfunctions or issues. A replacement air filter will ensure that the air you breathe is clean and free from anything harmful.

If you own a home in Hamilton Township, then you can rely on our professional technicians to install a whole-home humidifier. With years of experience, we can provide the best installation location and help go over the everyday operations and use of the humidifier.

We understand that every home is different, and through a consultation, we can determine the best installation options for your home based on your current HVAC system and the home layout. Along with the installation of whole-home humidifiers, we offer furnace installation, air conditioner installation, vent cleaning, and thermostat installation. We are proud to serve the Central New Jersey area. Contact us at Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling to schedule a consultation and to move ahead with your whole-home humidifier installation in Hamilton Township.

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