Eco-Friendly Tips for Homeowners on Earth Day

Springtime is the time of flowers, kites, and home maintenance. Homeowners should remember to keep the environment in mind as they work through their spring chores. Here are some easy ways to help save the planet and help a homeowner’s budget at the same time!

Let the Fresh Air Inside

Who doesn’t love a pleasant breeze blowing through an open window? The idea of opening windows seems simple but is a great and easy way to be eco-friendly and save money on utilities. Breezes freshen the home and help regulate the temperature inside, reducing the need for air conditioning. If homeowners open their windows instead of turning on the A/C, they reduce energy usage and allow families to enjoy the spring weather.

Add Greenery to the Indoors

Not only are live plants an excellent way to decorate and fill a blank space in the corner of the family room, but they also act as natural air purifiers. It’s commonly accepted that the rainforests absorb most of the carbon dioxide the world produces and put out more oxygen than any other biome on the planet.

Though no one can grow a rainforest in their backyard, they can have houseplants that recycle the CO2 constantly expelled in their homes. Any houseplant will help purify the air, but below are a few praised for their air-cleaning ability:

  • Spider Plants: These plants with sword-like variegated leaves practically thrive on neglect
  • Rubber Plants: Hardy and exotically attractive, these plants can grow in a variety of pot sizes and need only a weekly watering
  • Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (Snake Plant): These sharp-leaved plants are unique in their night-time oxygen production and need minimal maintenance.
  • Pineapple plants: A recent NASA study showed that these plants are highly oxygen-producing and can even help temper snoring.

Keep Clean Filters and Schedule Routine AC Maintenance

Typical homeowners easily neglect air conditioning units until they are not functioning properly. Proper maintenance can prevent problems with a unit as well as be beneficial for the electricity bill. Changing dirty filters on a unit helps reduce allergens and other irritants within the home and helps maintain unit efficiency.

There are several things that people can do themselves to help maintain their air conditioning unit in between scheduled professional maintenance.

  • Clean out debris
  • Clean and straighten the fins
  • Change the filter
  • Clean the evaporator coil

All of these steps can help shrink a family’s use of electricity, and regular maintenance prevents the discomfort of broken-down units during the summer and winter months when temperatures can be more extreme.

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