Why Is the Boiler Making Frightful Noises?

What do haunted houses and broken boilers have in common? They both make spooky sounds. While bursting boilers aren’t common, strange noises coming from them are cause for concern. Strange noises can indicate leaks, cracks, or damage to the boiler and may indicate other problems within the system, like kettling. It’s important to address strange boiler noises right away to prevent any major damage to the system.

Bizarre Banging

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Banging noises are a sign that the pressure in the boiler has changed. Water can become trapped in the boiler, which will then heat and transform into steam. The steam expands, creating a drastic increase in pressure that will give off a loud bang. If air invades the boiler’s pipes, banging can occur for similar reasons. Rectifying the source of the leak or restriction, be it a broken pipe, limescale build-up, or a defective valve, to name a few, will fix the problem.

Repulsive Rattling

Rattling noises are also reported as a common concern with boilers. Usually, rattling indicates a loose valve or fitting on the radiator or unclipped pipes. Any loose fittings or poorly supported pipes can cause a terrible amount of rattling. If loose parts aren’t the cause, rattling may also occur because of air in the pipework. A qualified HVAC tech can usually rectify this problem by bleeding the pipes of the excess air.

Bleeding shouldn’t be done by the average DIYer unless they are prepared to rebalance the pressure of the boiler as well, as bleeding the radiator of air can drop the pressure within the boiler, which, if left unchecked, will create the aforementioned banging noises. If these measures don’t solve the problem, a boiler engineer will need to take a look. It’s possible a loose-fitting part has fallen into a pipe and is rattling around, requiring removal by a professional.

Horrific Humming

As much fun as humming a tune can be, it gets old when the boiler is continually doing it. A humming sound coming from the boiler is usually caused by one of three things: loose components, high pressure, or a too-fast circulating pump.

Loose components cause strange noises, that’s simply a fact. If the boiler is rattling, it’s likely humming will come along as well. The vibration of a poorly attached unit, open panels, and loose brackets are all common culprits of boiler humming. Tightening up loose components can fix these issues.

If loose components aren’t the problem, there’s a chance air pressure is at fault. Pressure in the boiler should be constant when operating. If a boiler is operating over 15 psi, the excessively high pressure can cause humming. If a boiler’s pressure gauge indicates too high a pressure, an HVAC professional will help identify the cause.

The boiler’s circulating pump is responsible for moving heated water to the home’s radiator to generate heat for its various rooms. If a circulating pump is set to operate too fast for a home’s setup, vibrating and humming can follow. Adjusting the pump’s circulation can fix the problem, but a professional should ensure that the radiators will heat properly, and the boiler won’t need to cycle too much.

Keeping a home free of haunting boiler noises doesn’t have to be a headache. Be aware of the different noises that may arise and know that a qualified HVAC specialist can handle just about any boiler boogey monsters that may plague the home.

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