Commercial HVAC Contractor in East Windsor

Here in East Windsor, NJ, business owners have come to trust Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling whenever they need a reliable commercial HVAC company.

If you have a commercial project, such as an apartment, restaurant, church, school, or mall, it’s crucial to use the right industrial contractor when you need HVAC repair. At Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling, we have years of experience serving industrial clients. Our team is up to date on the codes and technologies to ensure we do the job right the first time, which saves you time and money.

Are you looking for residential AC repair options too? For fast turnarounds, give our team a call today!

What to Look for in a Commercial HVAC Contractor?

Here in East Windsor, NJ, it’s easy to find people willing to work on your commercial heating or cooling project. But you must ask yourself if they have the right experience, training, and certification to ensure the job is done according to code and in a timely fashion. The next time you need a commercial HVAC company, here are the essential traits to consider.

  • Experience With Commercial Projects: Unlike residential HVAC projects, commercial projects are more complex and involved, which is why you must hire a company with expertise in the industrial realm. If something goes wrong with an improperly installed HVAC system, it could mean business being interrupted and lost revenue.
  • Comprehensive Services: Hiring a reputable contractor is vital to complete your project correctly. However, with such complex HVAC systems required by industrial customers, look for a company that offers maintenance service and repairs throughout the years rather than one that only does installations.
  • Certification: A trustworthy HVAC contractor has all the required certifications and other accolades necessary to operate. Also, look for positive customer reviews, both online and in-person, to be sure you’re getting the best company for your project.

When you hire Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling, you get all of this and more! Contact us today when you’re ready to hire a commercial HVAC contractor.

Our Commercial AC Repairs

Conway Comfort Heating & Air is a trusted commercial HVAC contractor here in East Windsor. Whether you need repairs, maintenance, or a new AC installation, our team is qualified and certified to handle every job.

Our AC repair includes fixing all makes and models, as well as rooftop and indoor units. And, when it’s time to replace an aging AC, we offer cost-effective, tailored solutions designed to keep you cool and reduce your energy costs.

If a furnace isn’t meeting your heating needs, check out what a heat pump can do.

Commercial Heater & Furnace Repair

If the company’s furnace isn’t providing the required heat for your workers, customers, or tenants, it could be on its way to failure. Our expert team is ready to help keep you warm this winter. We repair all makes and models of heaters, as well as indoor and rooftop units.

When it’s time to replace the furnace, Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling can help. We’ll assess your company’s needs and recommend the most energy-efficient system that keeps everyone comfortable and reduces operating costs.

Whether you need AC or furnace repair on a commercial property, call the experts in commercial HVAC repairs in East Windsor, NJ. Call Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling at 609-928-8229!