24 Hour Furnace Repair in East Windsor

Whether it’s the dead of night or a weekend, the technicians at Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling are available 24/7 for emergency furnace repairs.

Furnace failures happen at the most inconvenient times, which is why it’s good to have a reliable furnace repair company ready to help 24/7. At Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling, we believe in providing emergency heating repairs to our East Windsor, NJ, residents to ensure their safety and comfort during the coldest days of the year. Put our number in your contact list, and remember to call the next time you need assistance.

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How to Maintain Your Furnace

The best way to avoid costly furnace repairs is by keeping yours in top shape through regular maintenance. Much like maintaining your car helps you avoid breakdowns and keeps it running smoothly, so too does maintenance benefit your furnace. Here are a few tips to keep your furnace running well and to extend its lifespan for as long as possible.

  • Clean or Replace the Filter: Dirty filters impede airflow, which causes the furnace to work harder, which can lead to premature failure. Also, clean furnace filters ensure the air in your home is free from dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and bacteria.
  • Check the Blower Motor: The blower motor is a vital part of your furnace that requires routine maintenance. Clean the blower, pulleys, and belts to remove excess dirt.
  • Clean Ducts: With some forced-air furnaces, it’s common for ducts to experience damage and dirt buildup. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean your ducts to maintain stable airflow and to reduce the amount of dirt coming into your home.
  • Reduce Your Heating Load: By sealing leaks in your home and adding insulation, you can reduce the work your furnace has to do to heat your house, which saves money on your energy bills and reduces wear and tear on the furnace.
  • Schedule Maintenance: For best results, it’s wise to contact a professional and ask if they offer furnace maintenance service. Schedule a tune-up every fall to ensure your system is ready to go when you need it.

When to Call for Emergency Furnace Repair?

A frigid winter night in East Windsor, NJ, is made worse if the furnace in the house suddenly gives out. Beyond the lack of comfort, a failed heater poses safety and health issues for some household members. Sometimes, you can keep warm by adding layers to your clothes or more blankets while waiting for an appointment from a furnace repair company. However, in critical situations, you can’t wait and need help now. Here are the common heating emergencies and when you need to call a furnace service company for 24-hour assistance.

  • Furnace Doesn’t Come On: If the furnace doesn’t come on, check the breakers, the thermostat, and the pilot light. If all else fails, call for help right away.
  • Inadequate Heat Output: If you’re not getting the heat you desire, it may be something simple like a clogged air filter. However, if the filter is clean and the system still isn’t working as needed, call a pro for help.
  • Foul Odors: If your furnace emits foul smells like smoke, chemical odors, burning plastic, or mold, it could be a significant problem with the electrical system or something wrong with the heat exchanger.
  • Odd Noises: When the furnace suddenly makes strange sounds like squealing, banging, rattling, or tapping, it could be anything from a damaged blower motor or a damaged fan belt.

If you have issues with your furnace, don’t wait for them to go away on their own or hope they don’t get worse. Call Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling for assistance.

For emergency heating repairs, trust Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling! Call our East Windsor technicians for top-notch work.

When to Schedule Furnace Tune-ups?

When the nights grow shorter, and the Halloween decorations go up, it signals that winter is just around the corner. Here in East Windsor, NJ, we usually know what to expect when cold weather arrives, which is why you must have a furnace that’s ready to handle the work required to keep you and your family comfortable for a few months.

So, once the leaves begin to turn and fall, it’s time to consider calling a furnace contractor for a tune-up and maintenance on your furnace.

Tune-up and maintenance ensure your furnace is running efficiently and helps extend its lifespan. Also, regular maintenance reduces the chance that the system will fail when you depend on it the most.

Whether it’s an emergency repair or a routine tune-up, call the experts at Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling in East Windsor, NJ, at 609-371-4822.