New Jersey is sizzling this summer and there are no signs of it letting up through August and September. Did you know that temperatures reached triple digits at the Newark International Airport for five straight days in July?

This type of scorching heat places a significant burden on your air conditioning system. Even the most efficient air conditioners are working overtime to keep your home cool.

There is no worse time for your air conditioner to shut off than during heat waves like these. Read on if you are wondering why does my AC keep turning off? Explore common reasons why your AC keeps turning off and AC repairs that may relieve the issue.

Check the Circuit Breaker

Before you call an AC repair service, start by checking your circuit breaker. Your home’s electrical system uses a lot of energy during the summer. In addition to the air conditioner running all day, other seasonal items like the pool filter are also increasing demand.

It is not uncommon for a circuit breaker to trip under this high demand. This is one of the easiest fixes that nearly every homeowner can handle. Simply switch the breaker back into the on position and your air conditioner will turn back on.

Blowing fuses is another possibility. Many homeowners are capable of replacing a blown fuse, and this is an inexpensive repair.

AC Leak

If your AC is leaking, it may eventually stop turning on. There is a drain pan underneath many AC units. This pan is designed to capture any leaks coming from the unit.

Many units are also equipped with a floating switch. This item sends a signal to the AC unit to shut off when the drain pan is full.

There are many different reasons why an AC unit leaks. A common failure mode is that the drain pipe is clogged and no longer routing out of the house.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

To run efficiently, your AC unit requires a system free of debris. When the air filter or drain pipe is clogged, the unit loses efficiency.

For example, restricted airflow may lead to frozen evaporator coils. The AC unit will then shut down prematurely and require professional repair.

Check the Thermostat

The thermostat is often the culprit of a non-functional AC unit. You should make sure the thermostat is turned on and switched to cool and not simply run the fan.

After you check the settings, lower the temperature below the typical room setting. Click the hold button and see if the unit turns on. In a best-case scenario, you only need to replace the thermostat or the batteries inside.

AC Malfunction

In the worst-case scenario, a part or component inside the air conditioner requires replacement. Many AC problems are caused by faulty or failed parts.

Two common examples are failed capacitors and compressors. Few homeowners can replace these items, and a professional HVAC technician is necessary.

Why Does My AC Keep Turning Off in West Windsor, NJ?

Far too many homeowners put off preventative maintenance on their air conditioning units. Delayed maintenance typically leads to expensive repairs.

By following routine maintenance, you are more likely to see a tripped circuit breaker or expired batteries shut down your unit. If you are still wondering why my AC keeps turning off in West Windsor, NJ, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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