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Keep the Home Green This St. Patrick's Day with a New Thermostat

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Upgrade the Thermostat To Make a Home More Green

Advancing technology has made possible leaps and bounds in regards to thermostats. While not many homes still have the old manual thermostats with the mercury switch inside, some homes still have the old manual digital thermostats. Not only are these older versions less convenient than the newer thermostats, but they also lack any energy-saving benefits that environmentally-conscious homeowners are looking for. Read on to take a look at the different benefits available for the new thermostats on the market. 

Digital and Smart Thermostats

When homeowners are considering a new thermostat, they can choose between a digital and a smart thermostat. There's no question that digital programmable thermostats are cheaper than their smart counterparts, but that lower price tag comes at an unseen cost. The fact is that smart thermostats are called smart for a reason: they help a home save energy and money. 


Digital thermostats are programmable, which means they are a step up on old manual thermostats. However, when compared to smart thermostats, they leave something to be desired. Homeowners can program their digital thermostats to reach a certain temperature at certain times of the day. This means they can have a different schedule for each day of the week. But this depends on the homeowner's planning and doesn't allow for many money-saving adjustments unless the homeowner programs it that way. 

How Smart Thermostats Workthermostat

The better option of a smart thermostat can work wonders for a home. There are several different models, each with some different features. However, all smart thermostats come with an app for the homeowner's smartphone. So, whenever the homeowner has an internet connection, they can control the temperature in the house— even if they're halfway around the world. 

Some smart thermostats can also "learn" how to best utilize the heating and cooling system, depending on the homeowner's schedule. Should household members come home at different times on different days of the week, a smart thermostat can see this pattern and act accordingly, getting the house to temperature shortly before the first person arrives home. 

Eco-Friendly Thermostat Features

There are several eco-friendly features on smart thermostats. Many of them can learn the different zones of the house and act accordingly to cool those zones only when they're used. This saves money and energy by leaving the other zones of the house— the ones that aren't in use— as they are. Many smart thermostats can also compile energy usage data in easy-to-read formats so the homeowners can see how much money they're spending almost in real-time. 

The fact that homeowners can control their smartphones' temperature means that leaving the HVAC system running on accident can be remedied, so energy isn't wasted when no one is in the house. They can also alert the homeowners with maintenance reminders, so the system is properly maintained and kept running smoothly and efficiently. 

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