24 Hour Heating Repair in Hamilton Township

A furnace failure during winter not only makes life uncomfortable; it can be hazardous to some people. Call Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling in Hamilton Township when you need expert 24-hour furnace repair.

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Whether it’s because of age or a lack of maintenance, heater failure is common when residents start pushing their systems hard once cold weather sets in. At Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling, we stand by the residents with technicians who are available 24/7 for emergency heating repairs. Our team arrives in fully-loaded trucks so that most repairs can be done on-site. Our number is 609-928-8229 and contact us the next time you need heater repair!

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Our 24 Hour Heating Repair Service

Most times, your furnace gives warning signs that it’s struggling to maintain the desired temperature. Ignoring these signs is a sure-fire way to end up with a furnace that stops working and a freezing house. When the furnace breaks down, it’s crucial to get it working again to restore comfort to everyone in the home. And while not every heater issue requires emergency repair, sometimes, waiting isn’t an option. Call us if:

  • You experience electrical problems when the furnace is running.
  • You smell gas in the house.
  • The furnace makes loud noises like squealing or grinding.
  • The furnace blows cold air.

Our highly-trained technicians are standing by ready to help Hamilton Township residents with all of their heating repair needs.

How to Maintain Your Furnace?

Like any complex machine, your furnace requires regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently. An efficient heater also lowers your heating bills.

A well-maintained furnace can last up to 20 years, so follow these tips to keep your heater in top shape.

  • Clean or change the filter at least once a month.
  • Clean the ducts with a high-powered vacuum.
  • Clean the blower.
  • Make sure the vents and registers are unobstructed.
  • Call a professional contractor for an annual heater tune up.

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Signs Your Furnace Is Failing

While it’s not uncommon for a furnace to unexpectedly quit, it’s more likely it’ll give off subtle warning signs telling you there are problems that you must address before things get worse. Here are symptoms to watch for:

  • Short cycling
  • Moisture buildup
  • Sudden rise in utility bills
  • Weak airflow
  • Inconsistent temperature from room to room
  • Frequent calls for repair

If your furnace produces any of the above symptoms or does anything else unusual, call us for an inspection and possible furnace replacement.

At Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling, your comfort is our top priority. Call us today at 609-928-8229 to schedule an appointment!